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Din Book No:02

Are you as excited about the DINBOOK NO:02 as we are?

We definitely want to leave a lasting impression this time and continue to develop this theme But why?

As we all know since the year 2000, number plates with DIN14-51 lettering have no longer been officially assigned by the State Traffic Office. A few years later, however, it was possible to obtain DIN number plates for a brief moment in a few federal states of Germany, which is why some classic cars now drive on DIN plates with a Historical sign (H-letter) at the end.

Wouldn’t that be a good compromise to reintroduce our DIN number plates? It works in the Netherlands it works in France Even in UK old number plates can be attached to vintage cars, as long as the car is from the early period. So why it shouldn’t work here too?

We want to become so big with the DINBOOK and the community that it is enough to get a petition through. And that can only happen with your help!

Therefore we ask everyone to get this topic so BIG that we can bring the legendary DIN number plates onto German roads again!

Are you in? WE ARE!

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