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Din Book No:01

Packed in a “DIN” A4 book and captured on more than 100 pages with interviews, facts and figures, this book belongs on every automobile enthusiast’s bookshelf. The DINBOOK is not just about beautiful pictures of cars, but more about a part of German automotive history. Namely, the legendary DIN license plate in 14-51 font, which are threatened with extinction. This included pictures from talented photographers, as well as car enthusiasts of the DIN-Community by Emil’s Garage.

We want to thank again all participants and supporters of our Mini Event last Sunday at AlexandroS in Pelzerstraße 4 in Hamburg.  Together with our friends like Hanna, Felix (HEIZR Club), Lara (Inferno Ragazzi Lifestyle GmbH) and many more, we were able to release our new DINBOOK ( with our partner SONDERLING. brand development that was already sold out in a few days! Unbelievable! We say THANK YOU!!! Without you the event would never have been so successful!

Special thanks to Alexandros Sistakos, Roman Raetzke, Max Preller and Patrick Funk and to the talented photographers like Luca Di Blasi, Alex Fur, Yannick Hoos and Leon Wiedenhoff!

We can’t wait to repeat the event with a slice of lemon cake! See you soon!

If you are interested in our Story, be fast. The DINBook 2.0 is here! Safe yourself an example and preorder now. Thank you for your support!

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