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The DINBOOK explained in short words

Packed in a “DIN” A4 book and captured on more than 100 pages with interviews, facts and figures, this book belongs on every automobile enthusiast’s bookshelf. The DINBOOK is not just about beautiful pictures of cars, but more about a part of German automotive history. Namely, the legendary DIN license plate in 14-51 font, which are threatened with extinction. This included pictures from talented photographers, as well as car enthusiasts of the DIN-Community by Emil’s Garage.

What is dinstag

DINstag was brought to life by the inspiration of Mr DIN. As you might know, Tuesday is Dienstag in German. If you delete the letter e in the word, you end up with DINstag. DIN you know? And so it came about that since January 2020, photos of cars carrying the old DIN number plate have been published by the community every Tuesday. A bit crazy. But somehow also cool! The show must go on!

Become part of the Community

Would you like to share your DIN story with us? Then contact us at and, with a bit of luck, be part of the next issue.

thank you.
#dinstag community

Born from an idea of Roman Raetzke and Emil Pourkian in January 2020, this book was realized with the help of the friends from Sonderling Agentur from Stuttgart and is mainly for enthusiasts, who specifically celebrate DINstag on every Tuesday of the week on social media platforms like Instagram. You’ve never heard of it? Then follow us to stay up to date. There’s more to come!




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